An Ember in the Ashes

Title: An Ember in the Ashes

Author: Sabaa Tahir

Publisher: Razorbill

Pages: 446

Publication date: February 9, 2016

Synopsis: Laia – Laia’s house was just raided by the Emperor and his Mask. If this wasn’t enough, her brother is getting arrested and her grandparents were killed by the Masks. They told Laia to run. Would she? Could she? How was she supposed to go on now that she didn’t have her parents, brother, or grandparents? Where as she to go?

Elias- Elias was the top Mask at The Commandant of Blackcliff Military Academy. He and four others fight to the death. Only one can become the new ruler. Elias doesn’t want to be there or be apart of the four. He’s the only senior level Mask who’s mask that hasn’t molded to his face. Could he escape? Would he be able to leave without people thinking he was dead? Even after the oath he took.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and it’s journey. It was a wild ride. I loved the duel perspective of Elias and Laia. The book itself has an amazing cover, with amazing content. Sabaa made an amazing world with amazing characters. She had my emotions running while I was reading it. I had laughed and cried and every emotion in between.

                                                                                                     Thank you for reading, Emily