The Kiss of Deception 

Title: The Kiss of Deception 

Author: Mary E. Pearson 

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company 

Pages: 492

Publication date: July 8, 2014 

Synopsis: What princess doesn’t want to mary a prince? Lia. She doesn’t want to be a part of an arranged marriage. So Leah runs away. She leaves her homeland and takes her best friend with her. They take off on horseback with only their clothes on their back and Laia’s  choice of weapon. They make it far away from her castle in the land at a cabin and find work as maids and waitresses. Two men come to the cabin to eat. One is an assassin. One is the prince that was supposed to marry her. Throughout the book you get to know their point of view’s but not their names. Does Lia get assassinated or will the prince marry her?

Thoughts: An astounding read. The perspective alone was amazing. I just really enjoyed the many points of view. Throughout the book you don’t know who’s the assassin and the prince, it adds a refreshing aspect to the story. It was a thrilling and fun read. It was like no other book I’ve read. Mary created great problems and things Lia had to face. She had to face them mentally and physically. The Kiss of Deception is on my favorite book of all the time.