Escaping The Rainfield

Title: Escaping the Rainfield

Author: Eliza Rich

Pages: 184

Publication Date: 2/17/17

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Synopsis: Hannah and her family live in one of the eleven states that are expecting 3-10 inches of rain.  The states are flooding like crazy.  Hannah and her family thought they were going to wait out the storm, but with little food and supplies they have to leave.  They head for her grandmothers house.  They experience some troubles along the way.

Thoughts: I thought this was a very different and unique book. It was like nothing I’ve ever read before.  I did find it to be very boring at some parts. I understand why it  was slow because there is only so fast you do can so things while your in a flooding state. Other than that little part I really did enjoy it. I liked her writing style. She had a way with words like I’ve never seen before.

Escaping the Rainfield by [Rich, Eliza]

*Thanks to Eliza for letting me read and review it.*  

Thanks for reading, Emily