Febuary Book Haul

This month I bought  a few (twelve) books.  I also got them at good prices.  There is nothing like  having a physical book in your hands.  I mean I love reading on my kindle and Ipad I do every night but its just not the same as holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages, especially if it’s a new book.  There’s nothing better than that new book smell.   I really love fantasy and romance books.  They are probably my favorite genre.  There’s just something about these genres that stick out to me the most.

The books I bought this month I got great deals on. I bought a total of twelve books this month.  I ordered most of them offline.  I bought three books off amazon, five books off of book outlet, and I shopped at Ollie’s for the other four.  I got great deals on all of my purchases.  I have already read three of them this month and I loved them. I love going to Ollie’s because you never know what you’ll find.  There is just something about searching through the stacks of books.  I could spend hours there just looking for good books.

The books I bought on amazon were ones I had heard people on booktube talk about.  The books I bought on book outlet, were because of the description.  The same goes for the ones I bought at Ollie’s.

 I would definelty recommend thrift book shopping! You can save a ton of money on your books! 


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