All Things New-Book Review

“I just see him. And, oh, there is so much to see. Pain, relief, disappointment, excitement, worry, uncertainty, love. Not just one emotion, but a dozen at once. Visible and invisible, conscious, and subconscious, physical and emotional all at once, a wild array. “What?” he asks, because I am staring at him. “Nothing,” I say, and smile. “It’s just so good to see you.””

Title: All Things New

Author: Lauren Miller

Publisher: Three Saints Press

Pages: 328

Publication Date: August 1, 2017

5/5 stars

Synopsis: Jessa was recently in a car accident. She has been dealing with anxiety for most of her life, along with panic attacks. No one at school has noticed or her mom.  Her mom started to really act the part of the a “caring parent.” Her mom is a control freak and she can’t control Jessa or her body.  This is where Jessa’s father, comes to take her to Colorado she makes new friends and joins a support group.  She notices that since the accident everyone she looks at has a scare and bruises, always on their face. Her doctor tells her it’s probably because she refuses to look at her scare. Her new friends are twins. She becomes really close to Marshall. The handsome guy who has a whole in his heart. He sits with the anti-social people. He helps them. Jessa and Marshall become super close, but will they make it through touch times together?

Thoughts:  My heart just melted as I read this. I will buy myself a hard copy and my friends one too. That is how much I loved this story. The little mental illness part of this book made my day. This book was so realistic, I think that’s what made me like it even more. The fact of knowing someone goes through these things, saddens me. They should’t have to deal with these things, that could be holding them back from life. Throughout you see that everyone has their struggles in their life. Marshall has to deal with the complications of his hole in his heart. Overall this book was amazing. I loved it. It’s a book where you think you can only read a chapter then be done, but end up finishing the whole thing in a short amount of time and in one siting. I would highly recommend reading it when it comes out in August.



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