Gold Rush – Book Review

“A little mob action won’t scare me away from you.”

Title: Gold Rush

Author: Jennifer Comeaux

Publisher: Jennifer Comeaux

Pages: 338

Publication Date: November 14, 2016

Rating: 5⭐️

Synopsis: Liza is on her way to become an Olympic Gold Medalist. She lives with her dad most of the time. She is usually in New York with her mom or in Massachusetts with her dad and stepmom Emily, along with her step-siblings Alex and Quinn. Liza spends most of her time practicing and practicing. She rarely eats junk food or going out to party like most other 19 year old’s. The rare times she’s not practicing, she’s out with her siblings or close friends. She took her brother and sister to a baseball game where she meets Braden, a quarky, sexy, muscular guy. He makes her heart flutter and make her stumble over her words. They connect almost instantly. When her mom and dad find out about this, they are less than thrilled. They don’t understand why she needs to see someone two months before she’s to go to the Olympics.  Liza and Braden decide they can just be friends, who are really close and face-time and text every day.  Liza finds out things that her parents never told her. Braden was there throughout it all.

Thoughts: I adore this book. If I had the physical copy I would pick it up and hug it. The story as a whole is so satisfying.  The emotions of everything that Liza deals with is unreal but real. She puts so much pressure on herself to be perfect. The feelings she feels, makes if feel as if it was you who were going through them. Braden is very swoon worthy. He is there for her, helping her calm down, just being there for someone to talk to. These characters are ones that you wish you had in your life. Since it has already been out for a year, YOU should go buy it. you can buy it on Amazon here. You can also get it on Barnes and Noble here.

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