Underrated Books!

An underrated book is a book that is so good, but it doesn’t get recognition. I have a whole list of books like this. All books should the recognition it deserves. Everyone should at least read the synopsis before they decide not to read it. Here are some of my loved books that are underrated.

My Life With The Walter Boys – Ali Novak

You can check it out here.

I read this and within the first 5 pages I was hooked. It’s a story about Jackie, who’s parents and sister recently died. She is sent to live with a family friend for the summer, to help her find a sense of family again. The Walter’s have 12 kids! All boys except for one girl, who mostly acts like a boy. Jackie connects with some of the kids but not all of them like her. The Walter’s feel that Jackie is taking away their moms art studio. Jackie struggles to find herself without her parents and sister. She learns to live on her own.

The Heartbreakers – Ali Novak

You can check it out here.

Stella would do anything for her sick sister. She even stood in line for hours waiting for a signed book from her favorite band the Heartbreakers. While waiting in line she meets a cute boy, who later turns out to have been the lead singer of the Heartbreakers. Stella starts to talk to Oliver the cute band boy. She loves to take pictures and in general loves photography, she even gets to be the media publicist for the Heartbreakers. She starts to talk with Oliver, but she doesn’t know if she can be happy about it. Stella doesn’t think she should be happy and in a relationship with a guy who her sister has been crushing on for forever, while Cara is at home sick with cancer.

Come Back To Me – Mila Gray

You can check it out here

A love story about a sister’s brother’s best friend. There is so much saddness, love, and anger. An Army love story.

Willow – Julia Hoban

You can check it out here.

One night Willow’s parent had to much to drink, they asked her to drive them home. They didn’t make it home. Willow lived but her parents died.  She has to go live with her brother and his wife and kid. She had to leave her house, friends, and school, but to cope, she starts cutting herself. The harder and deeper, the less pain she feels about her parents. She feels that everyone blames her for their deaths. She meets Guy, a senstive and complicated person, who she ends up bonding with. Guy makes her feel not alone and he helps her stop feeling the urge to cut herself.  Even if its one blade at a time.

 Nowhere But Here – Katie McGarry

Emily is a sheltered child lives with her mom and stepdad (who’s really like her dad) he adopted her when she was little. Emily loves the four walls she lives in, in Florida. She has her life planned out for her. She wants to graduate and go to college. Then her dad gets an e-mail that Eli’s (her biological father) mom has died. So Emily goes to Kentucky to see Eli and pay her respects. While at the funeral home she meets Oz. Oz is a charming eighteen year old who wants to be apart of Eli’s motorcycle club- the Reign Of Terror- not everyone gets to be apart of this group,only the ones who become prospects or are part of the family up until they are eighteen when they choose whether they want to be apart of the club. Eli gets to spend more time with his daughter. Oz also gets to spend time with Emily also,  he’s put as her guard dog to make sure no one harms her. As they spend more time together, they shift from more than friends.