Tied Up In You -Book Review

Title: Tied Up In You

Author: Erin Fletcher

Publisher: Entangled Crush

Pages: 209 (Ebook) 220 (Paperback)

Publication Date: July 10, 2017 (Ebook) July 22, 1017 (Paperback)

Rating: 5 stars

* * Thanks to the publisher for sending me an advanced copy**

Synopsis: Luke Jackson is known for his great hockey skills and is notorious for getting women, but the person he wants is his best friend Malina Hall. He came back from a few weeks of traveling with the hockey team. He goes and sees Malina as soon as he gets back, as they are hanging out, he accidentally kisses her. Luke feels terrible about it, but can’t stop thinking about it. After the kiss things get awkward, they find themselves in times of silence, before they could talk about anything and talk about it forever without feeling weird or uncomfortable. Now, Luke has even bigger problems, Malina wants to go out with one of his teammates… So, Luke sets her up and makes it a double date with someone he picks off from his phone. During their date, Malina and Luke argue the entire time and tell embarrassing stories about each other, just to make the other made. Luke then after their “double date” apologizes and confesses himself to Malina.

To find out what happens to the happy pair, purchase the book July 10!

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Thoughts: I really loved reading this. It was such a quick read that’s great for summer! This is definitely a “one more chapter” read. The connection and struggles that both characters face, make it life like. I relly enjoyed how diverse it was with Malina being Hawaiian. Erin’s writing style makes you want to continue reading and for it to never stop. Overall this was a great summer read and you should pick it up.


Tied Up In You by [Fletcher, Erin]

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