Hearts at Seaside – Book Review 

Title: Hearts at Seaside 

Author: Addison Cole 

Publisher: Word Literary Press 

Pages: 280

Publication Date: 7/19/17

Series: Sweet with Heat – Books 3 

Rating: 5 stars 

***Thanks to the publisher for sending me and advanced copy.***

Synopsis: Jenna Ward is sassy and spontaneous around everyone except Pete Lacroux. He has been her biggest crush and obsession for over 6 years. He is quiet and super hot. Jenna loses all of her confidence when he’s around. 

Pete Lacroux is the oldest of his 5 siblings along with an alcoholic father. Pete spends his time cleaning pools and fixing up boats. He doesn’t have time for and or want a relationship with everything going on in his life, but he always enjoys seeing Jenna Ward, sexy yet shy, she has become a fascination to Pete. He is confused, intrigued, and entertained by Jenna. 

Jenna is done wasting her summers thinking about Pete, so she goes a picks up a sexy construction worker. This gets Pete’s attention and causes his feeling to surface he didn’t know he had for Jenna. 

Can they learn to break away from their family problems and focus on themselves and living their lives? 

Thoughts: With both of these characters you get a sweet and funny side right along with a confused and angry side. Jenna and Pete both struggle with their parents, along with internal struggles as well. It was such a great read that left me wanting more! I felt like the time I was reading, I lost time in the real world. I didn’t want to put it down. I really loved reading about both Pete and Jenna from both perspectives. I can’t wait to see what other journeys Addison Cole is going to take me on next! 

Thanks for reading and stopping by, Emily.