Dreaming at Seaside – Book Review 

Title: Dreaming at Seaside 

Author: Addison Cole 

Publisher: Word Literarry Press 

Publication Date: 6/14/17

Series: Sweet with Heat – Book 2 

Rating: 5 stars 

Synopsis: Bella Abbascia recently quit her job, put her house up for sale, and has sworn off guys and relationships. Bella is also the prankster of her friend group, but when a good-time prank takes a bad turn, and a handsome police officer shows up.

Caden Grant recently moved from Boston after realizing it’s too hard to stay there since his partner was shot and killed. So, Caden and Evan, his fourteen year old son, move to Wellfleet to find safety in the small town.

Then he meets Bella when’s he’s out patrolling for the neighborhood thief. When he talks to her, he realizes what he’s been missing. 

After fourteen years of being a single parent can Caden let go and have a dating life?

Caden’s life is going great until, Evan gets mixed up with the wrong kids. Is Caden’s loyalty put to the test and will he give up everything even Bella, to protect his son. 

Thoughts: A heart wrenching story. You instantly fall in love with Caden, and his love and adoration for his son. Bella is just as lovable and inspirational, with her turning her life around and doing something she’s passionate about. This novel is a great representation of a great romance novel! It’s also everything I want in a summer romance. Addison Cole just keeps writing such amazing romance novels. 

Thanks for stopping by, Emily.