Sunsets at Seaside – Book Review 

Title: Sunsets at Seaside 

Author: Addison Cole 

Publisher: Word Literarry Press 

Pages: 308

Publication Date: 8/23/17

Series: Sweet with Heat 

Rating: 5 stars 

*Thanks to the Publisher for sending me an advanced copy.*

Synopsis: Jessica Ayers has been living a sheltered life. She’s a cello player who is a part of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Her practice is take most of her day and so do her lessons. She decided to take a break and a vacation in the seaside community of Wellfleet. She is determined to take her life and live it to the fullest.

Jamie Reed is the developer of the second largest search engine in the world. He decided to take a summer break at Seaside where his grandmother, Vera, is.

Jamie and Jessica have a connection and unlikely first encounter. They start a friendship that turns into something more.  But can they continue their break away from their livelihood.

Thoughts: Want a sweet super fun story then you found it! Jamie and Jessica have a sweet and bashful relationship. They complement each other very well almost as if they were meant to be. They are probably my favorite couple I just couldn’t get enough of them I would highly recommend this to everyone. There was something about these two, that you just wouldn’t want to put the book down for anything!