Paper Hearts by Ali Novak – Book Review

Title: Paper Hearts

Author: Ali Novak

Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.

Pages: 400

Publication Date: July 4, 2017

Synopsis: Felicity has her whole life planned out since she was thirteen. Her sister ran away and never came back. Felicity has straight A’s and works to pay for college. Her mother has high expectations for her. Felicity has never been a partier or wild child, like her sister, who left four years ago.

Felicity also is a big-time volunteer. There is a charity mascarade ball and she works and partakes in it. While she’s there she meets the Alec Williams from the Heartbreakers a very famous boy band. They form a type of friendship that may be more? Felicity goes o an adventure to find her sister after she finds her mother has been lying to her. Alec helps her find her sister and along the way do they become more than a friend?

Thoughts: Firstly, I love Ali Novak’s writing and novels. Secondly, this book did not disappoint. Ali’s writing is so whimsical and lovely that I didn’t want it to end. Felicity is a very relatable character and your heart just breaks for her when she finds out some things that were kept from her. Alec is totally swoon-worthy and you want him to be yours.

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