Secrets at Seaside – Book Review

Title: Secrets at Seaside

Author: Addison Cole

Publisher: Word Literary Press

Pages: 288

Publication Date: October 25, 2017

Series: Sweet with Heat Book 5

*Thanks to the author (Addison Cole) and the publisher (Word Literary Press) for sending me an advanced copy.*

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Synopsis: Amy Maples, the good girl, the one who always does what she’s told. She is a very consistent person. She’s been going to the Cape for as long as she can remember. She’s also been consistently in love with surfer Tony Black. They used to date back in the day but ended up apart from a major event that happened. Amy dealt with it all by herself and kept it from her three best friends: Jenna, Leanna, and Bella.

Tony Black, the famous surfer, who gets all the women, except for the one he wants, Amy. He had her at one point over fourteen years ago, for an entire summer, but then lost her. Tony is like Amy’s guardian, always making sure she makes it home safe and sound, he holds her hair back when she throws up if she has had too much alcohol.

Will Tony and Amy be able to get together after an event that has turned into a secret, from 14 years ago?

Thoughts: My heart broke for Amy and Tony, I had tears falling down my face. I really felt for them both. I have been waiting for Amy’s story, probably ever since I started this story and I was not disappointed. It’s amazing how one person can hold onto a secret like this and not break. Amy is stronger than she looks to have been burdened with this kind of secret. I could reread this story many, many, many times and I would fall in love with it all over again and feel the same heartbreak and love.