The Heartbreak Cure – Book Review 

Title: The Heartbreak Cure

Author: Amanda Ashby

Publisher: Entangled Crush

Publication Date: December 4, 2017

**Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me an advanced copy**

Synopsis: Cat Turner has recently been had her heart broken. She has the perfect cure to get over with the help of brownies and finding the perfect fake boyfriend.

Alex Locke is the notorious bad boy who can’t possible be smart or anything good. When things occur that cause him to live with his grandma, Birdie, unexpected things come his way. He is guilty of many things but should he be?

Cat has Alex to be her fake-boyfriend. But is he willing to risk it all again, after everything that’s already happened to him? Can he let this crush his dance of going to school, after all he’s worked for?

Thoughts: I really connected to both of these characters in different ways. You sympathize with each situation they are put in. I craved more moments of Alex and Cat together. Their “fake” relationship is one that I’ve never read before. It’s a total swoon worthy read and makes you want brownies right along with Cat! Overall I loved reading The Heartbreak Cure. 

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The First Kiss Hypothesis – Book Review 

Title: The First Kiss Hypothesis

Author: Chistine Mandelski

Publisher: Entangled Crush 

Pages: 250

Publication Date: November 6, 2017

***Thanks to the publisher and author for sending me a copy. 

Synopsis: Nora Reid is everything a scientic need would be. She always compared everything to science and everything has a scientific explanation. She comes up with a “First Kiss Hypothesis” where you fall in love as soon as your first kiss.  

Eli Costas is a hunky lacrose neighbor to Nora. He drives her around and was her first subject of the “First Kiss Hypothesis” , but the kiss only happen when they were 13, does that still count or can you have more then the “First Kiss”? 

Thoughts: I flipping adored this book. It was so cute but not over power so. I loved the relationship build up through out the entire novel. The writing it self was fenominal. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about it. You should read it. 

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Worth the Hype? – 3 authors worth the hype

I have read a lot of popular and hyped books. Some of them are worth the hype but some are not.

Sarah J Maas

I fully think she is worth hype. I have loved all the books I have read from her. All of her novels have made me emotional and fall into a phase of only wanting to reread her books.

Image result for throne of glass series

Rainbow Rowell

I have read a few of her books but not all. I have enjoyed them but not to the extent of some people. She has a very realistic addition to the YA genre.

Image result for fangirl

Colleen Hoover

I have read 7 of her novels and I have enjoyed most of them. I want to read her recent releases but I haven’t bought them yet. I will continue to buy and read her books, but I won’t like them all.

Image result for colleen hoover novels

 I have enjoyed all of these authors. Do I think they are worth the hype? Yes. I have learned several things from all of these authors.

3 books that will make you fall in love with reading all over again

Do you ever just find a book and want to keep reading it or just read another right after? Well, I do. I love reading contemporary and fantasy. Although most always contain some kind of relationship.

Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

Sky has been homeschooled most of her life and decides to go to public school for her senior year. She has lived a sheltered life and is learning to come out of her shell. Sky meets Dean Holder. He is the known “Bad Boy” and has several rumors going on around him and what happened at his old school. Sky also finds it hard to distance herself from Dean and getting hurt.

After reading this, I wanted to continue reading all of Colleen Hoover’s novels.  I just had the need for another romance novel.


Wonder – R.J. Palacio

Auggie was born with a facial deformity, that prevented him from going to school, until now, he is about to start 5th grade. He is about to be the new kid and Auggie doesn’t know if he will be able to make friends or if he will be made fun of for because of his face. Is Auggie able to make friends even with him not looking like everyone else?

This is such a heartwarming novel. It really makes you go back in time and relive when you were in the 5th grade.


An Ember in the Ashes – Sabba Tahir

Lia is a slave. Elias is a soldier. Lia is being held in the Empire that belongs to Elias. Elias doesn’t want to kill or be apart of the Empire.

I love the suspense and thrilling aspect of An Ember in the Ashes, I also love the romance that is there but not there. I needed the next book in the series and once I finished it I needed to find a book similar.


Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptation

I love watching movies almost as much as I love to read.  I have watched several book-to-movie adaptations but I thought I would share my top three!

Nerve – Jeanne Ryan

I absolutely hated the book but I love love love the movie. The book is nothing like the movie, and it might not help that I saw the movie before reading. The movie has awesome actors and just the entirety of the movie in a whole is amazing. Nerve Poster

Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

I feel like any book nerd has read and watched Harry Potter. My favorite books are 1-3 and my favorite movie is 2. I feel like the way the movies executed the books was done pretty accurately.

Image result for harry potter movie covers

Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

I really love the Vampire Academy series and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. The movie was okay, I don’t think it did the book justice. The movie was enjoyable, but I didn’t love it as much as the novel.

Image result for vampire academy


Offsetting Penalties – Book Review 

Title: Offsetting Penalties 

Author: Ally Mathews 

Publication Date: November 6, 2017

Pages: 210 

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Synopsis: Isabelle Oster has dreamed of being a professional ballerina her entire life. There is a big recital coming up and the male lead has no dancer. Without the help of a partner she has no change of getting into the Ballet of Americana. 

All star, tight end, Garret Mitchell will do anything to get a football scholarship. He is recently coming off an injury and he needs to be back to being perfect, his coach suggests he take up ballet. 

Izzy and Garret an unlikely pair can help each other out but who’s dream is more important, and who will sacrifice their opportunities?

Thoughts: I flipped through the pages like no tomorrow and was so engrossed in the story. It’s not like any other contemporary I’ve read before. I absolutely love the two characters. They fit together like a pair of gloves. They level each other out and help each other through hard times and decisions. I loved Ally Mathews’s writing style and I can’t wait to read more from her. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me an advanced copy. 

Fall/Winter TBR – Seasonal TBR

I just want to set a baseline to keep my reading all in order. I have a few I really want to read and some I’m just like eh.

Want to Read

Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas

Gracling – Kristin Cashore

Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

The Black Prism – Brent Weeks

Some of the books I want to read within this time of year. If I don’t read them all I won’t be angry but disappointed, but I should be able to hopefully!

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October Wrap up and November TBR!

Another month came and gone! I can’t believe it’s November already, which means it’s almost Christmas!

October Wrap Up

I read a few books again this month, but not as much as I would have liked.

Tales of the Peculiar – Ransom Riggs – DNF

Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs – 5 Stars

Of Mice and Men (Class assignment) – John Steinbeck – 4 stars

Secrets at Seaside – Addison Cole – 5 Stars

I enjoyed MOST of the books I read, except for Tales of the Peculiar, you can find out my thoughts about it on a recent post of mine called The Book I DNF’d.

November TBR

November 9 – Colleen Hoover

Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I don’t want to have too many books on my TBR for the month, with the holidays coming up and all. What you plan to read this month let me know in the comments?

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