Where I Found You – Book Review 

Title: Where I Found You (was originally Sea)

Author: Heidi R. Kling

Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush 

Publication Date: 12-4-17

Pages: 230

Synopsis: Sienna Jones hasn’t been herself ever since her mom died in a plane crash, that has never been found, over five years ago. This has meant no flying, swimming, or being anywhere near the ocean. On her seventeenth birthday her dad gets her a plane ticket for Her, her dad, her uncle, and her used to be therapist, to go and help a village that as been dealing with the aftermath of a tsunami, in Indonesia. Sienna made the decision to take the risk and go help out. Whilst there she meets Dani, a dark eyed boy, who is as mysterious as they come. As they both get to know each other, Sienna realizes how good she has had it and really feels for Dani. They form a little relationship but how can it last when they live half way across the world? 

Thoughts: I had many realizations while reading and discovered how good I have it, living in the US. I loved learning about the Indonesian culture and being emotionally invested in the story. Sienna was a great protagonist and I really enjoyed reading her story. As heartbroken as I was with something that occurred, I love it just the same! This is a must read for 2017 and a masterpiece written by Heidi R. Kling. I am so thankful she was written and shared it with world.

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