The Booktube Annivesary – Tag

I can’t believe I’ve had a book blog for 1 year now! I want to thank everyone who has followed, liked, and supported me. I thought I would celebrate my year as a book blogger! I found this tag done by Book Your Imagination. I have modified some of the questions to fit my personal style of blogging.

1) What anniversary are you celebrating?

My 1 Year on my blog, alotabooks13

2) What genre or genres does your channel generally focus on?

I do reviews and tags and anything relating to books!

3) What are you most proud of on your blog in the last year?

I am proud of the author contacts and the posts I’ve done with some of them!

4) Do you receive ARCs to review?

Yes, I do.

5) What types of posts do you most like to do on your blog?

I really enjoy doing tags and hauls!

6) What types of videos do you like to watch on other people’s channels/blogs?

I love to watch all things book related to Booktube and read others peoples blogs!

7) Was there anything you tried on your channel last year that didn’t work?

Sometimes when I did photography.

8) Is there anything that you’ve done on your channel last year that you won’t continue doing next year?

I won’t be doing TBR’s for the month. I realized I am terrible at sticking to it and I am more of mood reader.

9) Is there anything that you plan to do more of this year?

I plan to do more thorough reviews.

10) What are some of the challenges you face on your blog?

Finding a post that everyone will like.

11) What is your one, best piece of advice you can give to another booktuber/blogger?

Stay connected to your viewers and find ways to connect with them!

12) What is the best part of having a booktube channel/blog?

Being able to communicate and express your passion for reading and books!

Thanks for stopping by, Emily. If there’s anything you want to see or have me read and review let me know in the comments! Or if there are things you think I should change, I would really appreciate it!

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