The Big Bad Wolf – Book Review

Title: The Big Bad Wolf

Author:  Jus Accardo

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

Publication Date: March 5, 2018

Pages: 184

Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis: Kensey Deaton comes from elites werewolves. She is to be married off to produce some of the strongest pups. Even though Kensey is completely against this idea of degradation of arranged mating and marriages. Kensey will do anything to keep this from happening even if it means to be “mated” to Slade McAlister to help them both out of situations neither want to be in.

Slade McAlister has his own problems. His Alpha father happens to be the most reviled wolf on the eastern seaboard, always expecting Slade to be his Second, never the Alpha.

Both aren’t only from opposite sides of the tracks, they’re from opposite sides of the war. If they can sell their ‘relationship’, they might just make it out of this with their freedom. This may just be the best thing that has happened to either of them.

Thoughts: Overall this wasn’t how I expected this to be. I was suprised at how it broke most of the rules of how most werewolve novels are. It was almost like religious families were marrying off thier daughters. It was a pretty quick and fun read. It held my attention.

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