Reyet Trap – Deleted Scenes

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Reyet Trap (Torch World #2) by Dee Garretson

Release Date: April 3, 2018

Publisher: Month9Books

No planet. No hope.

Quinn Neen and his friends have survived the uprising and the ruthless Fosaanian leader’s attempt to kill them, but the galaxy is still hurtling toward war. With just a few days before Quinn starts his mandatory military training, he plans to spend the time with Mira, the Fosaanian girl he’s in love with. When a mysterious message forces them on a journey to an isolated planet named Reyet, Quinn’s plans quickly change.

A coup on Reyet throws everything into chaos, leaving Quinn and Mira evading enemies they know, and some they don’t, including the planet itself. Now, time is running out for Earth, Fosaan, and Reyet, and there may be no place left in the galaxy that’s safe.

About the Author

Dee Garretson writes for many different age groups, from chapter books to middle grade to young adult to adult fiction. She lives in Ohio with her family, and in true writer fashion, has cat companions who oversee her daily word count. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, watch old movies, and attempt various kinds of drawing, painting and other artistic pursuits.

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Deleted Scenes

Even though it was the middle of the night, people still wandered around the shops and food stands on the upper bridge. The heat had lessened a little, but the air still felt heavy and I tasted the dust with every breath I took. I felt an uneasiness in the crowd, as if everyone thought it was safer to stay awake and to keep moving.

I felt safer being out at night because we blended in better. Unless someone looked closely at us, they would just assume Mira and I were two more Far Edge trekkers who had come to Reyet for a little excitement, only to find ourselves trapped after the coup.

Mira grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a stand crowded with people. A fruity scent rose from the containers sitting on the counter. “Can we afford a couple of those?”

My stomach rumbled. If we ever got off Reyet, the first thing I planned to do was organize a feast for Mira and I.

“Yes, well, not really but we’re going to buy some anyway.”

The drink was heaven, smooth and cold made of something sweet that I couldn’t even describe. I sipped it slowly trying to make it last as we walked.

We passed an old man holding up circlets of tiny bells. “Charms for your sirls! Charms for your sirls! Soothe their spirits!” He had a sirl on the ground next to him with three or four of the circlets placed around the neck of the small statue. The statue didn’t look particularly soothed by the jewelry. Its two black circles meant to represent eyes stared out with a baleful expression.

Near him a bunch of Far Edge trekkers clustered around a woman seating on an upturned basket. A thin dust veil covered her entire face, so that her features were only smudges in the flickering firelight from the brazier next to her.

“There’s something that hides in the mists in the gorge,” she said in a low throaty voice. “It is what causes the burning inside the victims. It’s no disease at all.” The crowd murmured. She held up her hand to silence them. “The mists used to linger only down in the gorge, but they are rising bit by bit. Look for yourselves. You’ll see them.”

There was something about her voice that made me want to look so we moved with the group to the edge of the bridge. Even in the darkness down below I could see wisps of mist floating about, like they were being moved by a breeze we couldn’t feel.

“Are they ghosts?” someone asked, their voice shaking.

“No one knows what they are,” the woman said.

“Mira?” A man’s voice called.

I put my arm around her. “Let’s go,” I whispered, pulling her away from the voice. “Don’t react, because that will be a giveaway.”

“Mira? Wait.” The voice was louder.

I looked over at Mira. She nodded. We broke into a run.