Blocked – Book Review

Title: Blocked

Author: Jennifer Lane

Publisher: Psyched Publishing

Publication Date: October 21, 2014

Pages: 310

Rating: 5 stars

**Thanks to Net Galley for sending me a copy to review**

Synopsis: Lucia Ramirez has always had a secret crush on Dane Monroe, but it would be considered wrong because of who his mother is. Lucia’s dad and Dane’s mom are both running for the presidency. Lucia is also a volleyball player, like Dane, and she hopes with some things in common, they could have something together but Dane hates her and her family. The Secret Service is to watch over both of them on them from their parents’ authority. As they spend more time together will the hatred from Dane stay or will sparks fly?

Thoughts: I loved everything about this book from the characters to the storyline. Both Dane and Lucia have their own problems to work through but manage to do it separately and together. I love the realness of the anger issues to the eating disorder. The two characters complement each other in a way that is so cute but has a deeper meaning. I really appreciated the fact that the author didn’t sugarcoat things and then she didn’t make this an instant love story. I would highly recommend for your summer TBR!