Counterfeit Boyfriend – Book Review

Title: Counterfeit Boyfriend

Author: Cindi Madsen

Publisher: Cindi Madsen Books

Publication Date: June 25, 2018

Pages: 272

Rating: 4 stars

**Thanks to Net Galley for sending me a copy to review**

Synopsis: Ethan’s twin Evan is dating a girl, Gwen, but he is thinking of breaking up with her. Evan doesn’t want to do it before the wedding they are supposed to be going to together. Evan has other plans and asks Ethan to take his place and do a little switch.

So Ethan posing as Evan, and Gwen goes on a small road trip on their way to a wedding. Ethan starts to gather feelings for Gwen. Gwen begins to notice a change in the Evan. She has found a new spark between the two of them, that wasn’t there before. The real Evan shows up after the wedding declaring he wants Gwen back and realizes it was stupid of him to let her go in the first place. Will either Ethan or Evan have a chance once she overhears this conversation?

Thoughts: I really loved the cute and fluffiness of this story and the cheesiness of it. I loved all of the characters. Ethan was by far my favorite character. This was super fun and quick that I really enjoyed. Overall I really enjoyed getting to read about Gwen and “Evan.”