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Just like with Kiran of the original Dragonrider Chronicles series, Eirik was one of those side-characters that stole the show and took on a life of his own. From his dorky sense of humour, sad attempts at flirting, sibling-like relationship with Jenna, and humble opinion of himself—he grew on me very quickly. He’s the jokester of Jenna’s batch of dragonrider comrades, and was her partner in training at the academy. I don’t normally keep my deleted scenes, but I do have a block of dialogue that was cut from the book between Eirik, Jenna, and Jaevid. It was just too funny to throw out!
“Did she tell you? Jenna and I were in dragonrider training together at the Academy,” Eirik went on as he showed us into the sitting room. “I was her first sparring partner. There I am, fresh as a spring daisy on my first day of combat training, thinking I’ve got the upper hand on all these rookies because my family has dragonriders four generations deep. And I look across the sparring circle to see this absolutely lovely girl. I thought it was a joke, at first! Then she comes barreling at me, eyes blazing like a rabid wolf, and the next thing I know I’m waking up in the infirmary with a dislocated shoulder. We’ve been friends ever since.”
“We’ve all heard this story before,” Haldor groaned, rubbing his forehead. “Many, many times.”
“He hasn’t!” Eirik walled over and dropped into a chair close to the hearth.
I flashed Jaevid a look, unable to keep a smirk from wriggling over my lips. “Don’t let him scare you. I only dislocate the shoulders of men who try to grab my breasts during a sparring match and call it an ‘accident’.”
Eirik’s face went red as his eyes went as round as saucers. “It was! And I did not grab them! They just happened to be in the way when—“
“I’m sorry, what? You went straight for them!” I grabbed his ear and gave it a playful yank as I went past.
Haldor groaned and shook his head.
“A grab is a grab,” Calem agreed, his expression still eerily serene.
Eirik put his face in his hands. “Stop… it was an accident. Really, it was. You’re making me out to be a complete scoundrel in front of Jaevid.”


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Harbinger (Dragonrider Legacy #2)
by Nicole Conway
Publisher: Month9Books
Publication Date: August 14, 2018

Victory is written in the blood of the brave. As the armies of the Tibran Empire continue to march across Maldobar, a path of scorched destruction and despair is left in their wake. Even with the formidable princess, Jenna Farrow, leading the charge, the strength of the dragonriders is waning. Tibran victory appears inevitable—especially after Princess Jenna and Prince Aubren are taken hostage by the infamous Lord Argonox. Separated from her brother and tortured for information, Princess Jenna refuses to bend to the iron will of Argonox. But her strength and resolve may only last so long. Held prisoner in his dark tower, it would take a miracle to set her free—or perhaps a pair of demigods and their dragons. With revived dragonrider legend, Jaevid Broadfeather, at his side, Reigh must now make a choice: face the truth about the origin of his dark powers, or turn his back on world in need. But throwing off a lifetime of shame and self-doubt is not so easily done—especially when the cost of failure means the destruction of the world. The long-awaited hero has awakened. The ancient spirits are stirring. The dark goddess has chosen her champion. But is he ready to embrace that rite and become the HARBINGER Maldobar needs him to be?

About the Author

Nicole is the author of the children’s fantasy series, THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES, about a young boy’s journey into manhood as he trains to become a dragonrider. She has completed the first two books in the series, and is now working on the third and final book. Other works include MAD MAGIC (Sept 2017), FAULBENDER (tbd), SCALES (tbd), and THE DISTANCE BETWEEN STARS (May 2017).
Originally from a small town in North Alabama, Nicole moves frequently due to her husband’s career as a pilot for the United States Air Force. She received a B.A. in English with a concentration in Classics from Auburn University, and will soon attend graduate school.
She has previously worked as a freelance and graphic artist for promotional companies, but has now embraced writing as a full-time occupation.
Nicole enjoys hiking, camping, shopping, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. She also loves watching children’s movies and collecting books. She lives at home with her husband, two cats, and dog.