Kissing In Cars – Book Review

Title: Kissing in Cars

Author: Sara Ney

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publication Date: January 26, 2014

Pages: 231

Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis(from Goodreads): Will she, or won’t she… 

Studious and (mostly) sensible, the only thing Molly Wakefield wants to do is get through Senior Year and graduate. Well, that and hit the beach in her spare time. Okay, fine – and go shopping every once in a while for a new dress… (and who could blame her?)

And things are going according to plan – until the day she spies Weston McGrath, handsome star athlete and scholar, spying on her in study hall.

A tad creepy? Maybe.
Thrilling? Absolutely.

You see, Weston McGrath happens to be one guy no one can get close to.

Despite her best efforts to avoid it (because let’s face it – the guy isn’t exactly “boyfriend material”) Molly and Weston form a friendship.
And more…
Sort of.
But it’s a friendship that comes with a price – because Weston just cannot seem to stop screwing things up. Or saying all the wrong things. Possibly in that order…
And who has time for an 18-year-old “fixer-upper” that should know better?
Not Molly.
Or does she?

Thoughts: I loved this 2 years ago and I still love it now! This is a fantastic story with amazing characters. Every single part of this novel is phenomenal! I would highly recommend that you buy this and indulge.