He Loves You Not – Book Review

Title: He Loves You Not

Author: Tara Brown

Publisher: Skyscape

Publication Date: October 23, 2018

Pages: 337

Rating: 1 star

**Thanks to Net Galley for sending me a copy to review**

Synopsis (from Goodreads): 

Among her superrich friends, Lacey Winters never minded being the “poor one.” That is, until her tuition money and big dreams vanish overnight. Now Lacey has a plan to make some extra cash—a devilishly brilliant plan. For a fee, she’ll test your boyfriend to find out if he’s faithful or a cheating jerk. Her next target: a slick and sexy trust-fund playboy. Unfortunately for Lacey, his charms aren’t just legend. And before she knows it, she’s under his spell.

It was bad enough that Jordan Somersby’s father forced a spoiled “society princess” on him. Then Jordan had to go and find his dream girl—the beautiful, fun, and down-to-earth Lacey. And he’ll do anything to prove he’s sincere. But pretty soon it’ll be Lacey’s turn to prove that this is not just a game.

Because, when it comes to mixing love and deception, nothing is what it seems. And Lacey and Jordan are about to face the ultimate test.

Thoughts: I was very disappointed in this. I don’t think Tara Brown is for me. I just can’t seem to connect to her books very well. I really did not enjoy reading this, the characters are too winey and overprivileged. I don’t think I will be picking up anymore from this author and series.